Dedicated to the hermetic element Air with its relative symbolic number two, Mainarde is an intense five­-parts sonic reminiscence of Ricci’s native-born land, released by Dromoscope Editions as third chapter of the Antidigital Series. Young brilliant electronic musician as well as agronomist and passionate researcher in microbiology, Andrea Ricci was born and raised in the breathtaking italian scenario of Mainarde Mountains where a deep relationship with the unspoiled nature and vast horizons of the native land has indelibly shaped his musical research. Attempting to reflect an interior vision of his meticulously listened landscapes and abandoned places, Ricci triggers interactions between carefully stolen natural noises and a variety of scientifically mastered instruments spacing from complex digital convolution reverbs to pure analogue tape manipulation. As a clear resonance of Ricci’s origins and studies, spatiality and organicity deeply permeate his over­detailed sonic abstractions, emotional visions and religious transfigurations of the perceived physical space.

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