While moving Dromoscope’s Antidigital needle one step ahead, Himmelsmechanik symbolically introduces to the most powerful of the alchemic elements which the album is spontaneously inspired by: Fire. Strongest destructive, yet renewing force, archaic vehicle for the methaphysical reflection, Fire is the energy that most of all moves from the bottom to the top, pointing at the heavens where it takes place as a ruler in the Celestial Mechanics. Likewise, the intense debut album by Ina Ynoki flares up as a convulse ritual hymn to the glory of Kosmos, taking shape since its first notes as a strong musical statement. Himmelsmechanik is a gem in the overwhelmingly prolific (but still hidden) production by multi-­instrumentalist,dj and visionary electronic producer Roberto Dolcetti. As a clear tribute to his main musical experiences, Himmelsmechanik builds a concrete bridge between punk­-hardcore intentions and abstract electronica, resulting in one of the brightest post­-dada collages by Dolcetti’s unique and fully unconventional art of sampling.

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